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The activities of our company are:

  • Retail exhibition : original, impressive, with a very wide variety in all kinds.
  • Modern uniform manufacturing workshop quality, ready-made and made to measure (below, for customers outside of Athens, is the corresponding meter list* for custom-made suits).
  • Warehouses of goods for the wholesale in selected stores throughout Greece.
  • Repair shops and regulator service with granting certificates.
  • Water-cooled station bottle filling.
  • Air cylinder rechecking center (hydrostatic test) with the permission of the Ministry of Industry and the granting of certificates.
  • School of autonomous diving

Diving equipment

from the pioneer in the field

Kartelias & Co. Workshop: Beuchat Marlin Evil Modifications

Kartelias & Co. Workshop: Aqua Lung Look Black Silicone Mask - Optical Lens Fitting